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To connect EVERYTHING EVERYONE EVERYWHERE in the globe with our technology

About the company​

eSix is an edge technology company that provides a high-speed network for industries, enterprises, and internet service providers. We were founded in 2017 by a team of enthusiastic entrepreneurs, data scientists, network engineers, etc., that aim to remove the barriers of global networks.

We strive to connect everything, everyone in everywhere effortlessly with our cutting edge networking technologies. 

Following this objective, our team has worked hard to challenge the current limits of connectivity and create patented technologies that assure an effective and easy-to-deploy solution for our users.

edgeWares solution created with unique patented multi-protocol pass-through technology, to fix the bidirectional control, seamless connectivity during fast movement and large scale deployment demaneds in 5G Industrial Applications.
eSix Limited take this 5G new opportunities to deal-with the MISSION CRITICAL supervision and contro in self-driving cars, autonomous trucks, unmanned automatic ports, smart transportation, AGV, factory machines…etcs.
We are ready, and the dawn is coming Please contact us !


Kinson Chan


Eion Wu

Founder & CTO

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