ESIX - Seamless 5G edges

Enterprise Network

Enterprise Network

Pain Points of Traditional WAN Technology for Enterprise

Private Network

• Costly
• Long lead-time for retrofit, and its partially
• Mess to re-planned the IP table
• The construction cost of the operator is high, especially the last mile
• Low bandwidth and lack of data flow control

VPN Network

• Long constructor lead-time and high technical requirements for maintenance
• Costly equipment and annual charge for warranty and function authorization
• Poor performance in large-scale deployment
• Poor stability with poor user experiences
• Unable to customize functions


• The bi-directional network management cannot be realized after CPE
• The IP address cannot be fixed for data transparent transmission
• Complex terminal installation and deployment

The Networking Technology of Virtual Circuit

Just Like a Real Physical Wiring
Lower Cost

• The cost is much lower than traditional private network and VPN/APN
• Real zero-configuration, Installation and deployment to online just in seconds
• Support customized features development and custom API

Higher Performance

• Tunnel-based flow control management, effectively utilizes existing bandwidth
• Real-time networking status monitoring and traffic visibility
• Ultra-high performance by ignoring the three-layer partition and MTU restrictions
• Ultra-high scalability and millisecond failover at headquarters side

How eBrain (edgeWares Controller) works in enterprise network
Best Performance
HQ uniformly control and customized application and bandwidth QoS
Reduce CapEx
Deployment within existing infrastructure
Optimize OpEx
Effort-less configuration for whole enterprise network interconnect

Multi-location of Branches

For large groups and chain companies, it is a critical task for connecting their branches, subsidiaries or stores in different regions or cities.


  • Network environment in different regions are very different
  • Limited IT capabilities in remote sites
  • High cost for interconnection

That’s why,  making simple, convenient and fast networking solutions are being increasingly concerned

There are use case applications like Multiple remote stores, company branches, remote machines and facilities.

A major real estate company

9 months deployment (OLD)
115 branches in 10 cities
3 weeks completion (eSix)
Old Plan
eSix implementation

Multiple Applications and Priority

Enterprise requires different applications for different priorities such as video, VoIP or regular internet access. It can be classified into different virtual channels, while improving and ensuring the speed and quality of specific key applications, it can also restrict specific personnel’s access to specific IT systems or office area networks. It is achieved by unique nSplit technology, advanced adaptive QoS

Mix of Network Infrastructures

Needs to reduce the high cost of backbone network/private network.

It allows mix of infrastructure which balance the cost and reliability as well combining the bandwidth.

The nMerge technology to integrate backbone network or private network with Internet based SDN solution helps.

Cross Border MNCs

Connecting domestic and overseas branches. Need to reduce the cost and ease of operation.

It forms a single private network for all these branches with tunneling

The nMerge nSplit technologies will be used for performance, reliability as well security of the cross border data transmission.

Hybrid Layer 2 Networking Technology

Cloud Integration - Data Center Interconnect

Building a stable, reliable, and large capacity data highway using a mix of network infrastructures. It enables the smooth transit of critical assets over short, medium and long distances between data centers in a balance of cost and performance priority setting. The nMergenSplit technologies will be used for performance, reliability as well security of the data transmission.

Traditional Solution Problem
eSix Approach