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Industrial Wireless: WiFi 6 or 5G?

So after hearing all of the benefits of connecting your company using networking technologies, you decided you want it for your business. But, should you choose Wi-Fi 6 or 5G? Both of these options are the more recent forms of their respective technologies, and they both assure greater capacity, reduced latency, and higher efficiency. The decision of which technology to adopt depends on the application given to it, the specific sector, and on the mobility requirements.

Comparatively, 5G has lower latency, larger throughput, and larger connection density than Wi-Fi 6. 5G is also a more flexible option, and it uses less data volume and it is more reliable than Wi-Fi 6. On the other hand, generally, the cost of deployment of Wi-Fi 6 is lower than its counterpart and it requires lower installation skills.

It is also important to consider the function given to the networking technology. If the company needs to handle fast-movement elements or automotive technologies that require a high Quality of Service and low latency, 5G would be a better option. It is also recommended to use 5G in cases that require a Wide Area Network (WAN; a network that connects computers in large areas) or outdoor spaces because of its greater signal propagation. In contrast, if you are in need of connectivity in smaller spaces with fewer connections or specific hotspots, such as homes or offices, Wi-Fi 6 will be a more favorable option.

However, these two technologies are competitors only when a company is looking for connectivity for a Local Area Network (LAN, a network that connects computers in small areas). These two alternatives can also be used as complements. For instance, some companies that require constant connection use Wi-Fi 6 for indoor coverage and adopt 5G for both indoor and outdoor areas. This can be done by using a 5G CPE, which will assure high speed and seamless internet.


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