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What is Industrial 5G

5G is becoming increasingly popular, not only for personal use, but also for industrial purposes due to its ability to carry mass data and be highly responsive. Companies combine 5G with other technologies (like AI or Big Data) to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations, transforming their industries to the #industry40. 5G is the future of industrial operations. It provides comprehensive connectivity, low latency, and high bandwidth.

5G is not only faster and more flexible than wired-connection, but it can also improve work efficiency, ensure the safety of the workers, optimize logistics scheduling and distribution, reduce cost of production line reconfiguration, increase system reliability, to name a few.

According to the article 5G in Manufacturing by PwC, the intelligent systems of industrial 5G allow product optimisation, modular factory, enterprise connectivity, human-machine interface, supply chain integration, preventive maintenance, and safety.

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2. Bidirectional control and centralized management: Break Through the Possibilities for Mobility Supervisor Control in Ultra-High Speed Network in Tianjin Port:

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eSix is an edge computing technology company that provides a high-speed network for industries, enterprises, and internet service providers. It was founded in 2017 by a team of enthusiastic entrepreneurs, data scientists, network engineers, etc., that aim to remove the barriers of global networks. They strive to connect everything, everyone in everywhere effortlessly with their cutting-edge networking technologies, assuring an effective and easy-to-deploy solution for their users.

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