ESIX - Seamless 5G edges


Technology Breakthrough

Exclusive Technology
Easy & Massive Deployment for 5G network


Technology and Applications


The total solution of virtual network control and management for 5G fast roaming and enterprise network applications.
It includes 2 components:


A SW+ HW node to process networking threads


A SW platform to manage the whole network system

How is edgeWares an Easy Setup

  • Easily done the deployment just by wiring e-Bridge between Router and Switch in existing infrastructure.
  • Auto NAT, auto IP address planning, no more IP overlap.
  • 802.1Q transparent bridge mode, support any VLAN tag.
  • High-efficient flow control, intelligent QoS for speed and bandwidth guarantee.
  • Support hardware bypass, auto failover mechanism for internet accessibility ensure.
  • Support data offloading, Internet services and tunnel encapsulation offloading.
  • Security improved by hiding two-way IP address between headquarters and branches.
  • Visualised quality monitoring of virtual private line communication and automatically compliant conversion of IP addresses.

eSix Patented L2 Overlay Network Technology

Main Benefits:

Easy: It resolves the conflict of the same subnet IP address from different sites. Its patented technology builds a large L2 overlay protocol, merging massive no. of machines or sites into a LAN environment. The IP addresses of the merged network are transparent to the public network.

In the moving object, the switching of the IP network
only takes milliseconds, allowing vehicles to be supervised.

The PnP feature of eBridge together with centralized
eBrain controller, largely enhances the scalability of the network.

3 main technologies in edgeWares

nDrift: Network Drifting
  • eSix patented technology on network management. It builds tunnels instantly, <150 milliseconds vs traditional, which takes 10 seconds to a few minutes.
nSplit: Splitter of virtual channels
  • It creates multi virtual channels for links on application basis.
nMerge: Network Merger
  • It is for aggregating multi bearers from different telecom providers or different networks.