ESIX - Seamless 5G edges

Break Through the Possibilities for Mobility Supervisor Control in Ultra-High Speed Network

Introduction: Tianjin Port Development Holdings Limited is engaged in port services in Tianjin Port, mainly cargo truck and quay crane for container stacking and non-containerised goods stevedoring.

Quay Crane Challenges over 5G:

1. Running 5G which conventional ethernet protocol between both industial ethernet protocol sites

2. Privilege for the data of control signal

3. Real-time bidirectional control 

4. Seamless data transmit during roaming



Unmanned Truck Challenges over 5G:

1. L2 private network required from terminals

2. Real-time bidirectional control

3. Dual 5G aggregate

4. Privilege for the data of control signal

5. Seamless data transmit during roaming

Solution: edgeWares offers a reliable private network for any application over 5G. It’s customer oriented features with simple setup, centralized management and scalable deployment that are realized by several patented technologies. 

nDrift (layer-2 tunnel building features) achieves reversed access for real-time control and compatibility with “Industrial Ethernet”. nMerge provides dual 5G aggregation. And nSplit divides “control signal” and “video signal” with QoS. 


  • 100x : Instant tunneling rebuild < 0.1s, 100x faster than industry solution
  • 6 on 1 : Simultaneous streaming Six 1080p videos in single eBridge 

               (4K video available)

  • 1 on 1 : One manpower and one working day setup for successful trial  


  • 1 for All: Capability of Industrial Ethernet Protocol over 5G


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