ESIX - Seamless 5G edges

Xatellite IoT

Xatellite IoT

Industrial grade 4G LTE (5G ready) cellular network CPE device (Dual modem available)
IP 41 Protection
Wireguard Supported
RS485 Interface
Dual Band WIFI 5
Dual Modem Failover
LoRa Wan
Built for industrial IoT connectivity
Access to 4G or LoRA network
Industrial grade Aluminium Alloy Waterproof Cover
Dual modem available

Xatellite IoT can bring you an all-in-one experience

More stable and faster

Xatellite IoT supports 5G / 4G / cable broadband internet, stay connected, always connected.
*Based on laboratory testing, the actual experience depends on the use environment and the operator's network resources.

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