YianTian Port’s 5G Network Transformation in Quay Crane Supervisory Control for Reliability Enhancement.


Yantian International Container Terminals is the leading gateway serving import and export container traffic. It is equipped with over 85 quay cranes and 242 gantry cranes. As the world’s largest single container terminal in terms of throughput, Yantian Port has scaled from 10 thousand TEUs built to 13 million + TEUs starting from 2018.

The Quay Crane

Loading and unloading operations with containers from/to container vessels are performed in the quayside area. Optical Fibers network is the primary network infrastructure for video and control signal transmission from control center to quay crane. edgeWares solution empowers smart ports to thrive through the 5G transformation.


Optical Fiber is the conventional medium to transmit signal from control center to the quay crane. However, high movement frequency will increase the attrition rate and shorten the durability of optical fibers. In Yantian port, the optical fiber will break once every few years. The fiber optics repairment process not only takes time but also causes profit loss. The maintenance cost is tremendous due to the regular attrition of the fibers. Furthermore, the risk of Optical Fiber damage will increase the complexity of throughput optimization. 


Transform the optical fibres fixed line to a 5G industrial virtual circuit solution.
Adopt a virtual circuit overlay the existing quay cranes network.
Strengthen the reliability of existing solutionGuarantee the video monitoring latency ≤ 300ms, and PLC latency ≤ 20ms.
Ensure the tunnel failover interval  ≤ 150ms.
Maintain reliable connectivity in harsh weather.

Solution eSix edgeWares

solution comprises e-brain and the e-bridges. The system works with a 5G CPE to perfectly support the dual-WAN capability with network failover supported .


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